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Title: Biggest Fear
Fandom: Outlast
Characters/Pairings: Miles
Rating: PG
Words: 114
Warnings: None
Summary: Miles is afraid in Mount Massive Asylum.

Any, any, fear

They had created monsters from mentally ill people who had needed help. )
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Title: Half Truths and Whole Lies
Fandom: Final Fantasy Tactics
Characters/Pairings: Meliadoul
Rating: G
Words: 183
Warnings: None
Summary: Meliadoul has to believe Hashmal killed her father and assumed his form.
A/N: Also posted here at Archive of Our Own.

Final Fantasy Tactics, Meliadoul, she has to believe that Hashmal killed Folmarv and assumed his form

She had thought it absurd to think that Folmarv was capable of filicide. )
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Title: Through Kindness
Fandom: Pokemon
Characters/Pairings: Lysandre
Rating: G
Words: 637
Warnings: None
Summary: A young Lysandre catches his first pokémon.
A/N: Also posted here at Archive of Our Own.

Pokémon, any, their first pokémon

Lysandre felt disgusted that someone could abandon their pokémon in such a cruel way. )
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Title: The Voice on the Radio
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Characters/Pairings: Cecil/Carlos
Rating: G
Words: 498
Warnings: None
Summary: How Carlos fell in love with the voice on the radio.

Any, any, falling in love with the voice on the radio

He blushes in embarrassment as the voice says everything about him was perfect, and had fallen in love with him instantly. )
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