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Title: The Unexpected Phone Call
Fandom: Elementary
Characters/Pairings: Joan/Moriarty
Rating: G
Words: 240
Warnings: None
Summary: Joan receives an unexpected call from an old enemy.

Joan was in the middle of preparing a sandwich for her lunch on a normal Sunday afternoon when her phone rang. She left the unfinished sandwich on the table to answer the phone. Joan was surprised that when she looked at the caller ID, it wasn't a number she recognized.

She thought about not answering, but there was an odd curiosity that begged her to check who could possibly be calling. "Hello, who is this?"

The other person was silent for a few minutes. Thinking it a prank call, she was about to hang up when a familiar voice spoke that made her palms sweat and heart beat just a bit faster. "It's good to hear your voice again, Joan."

Moriarty: a person Joan couldn't have predicated would call her. She wondered how Moriarty got her number as she had it unlisted, but there was no point in asking.

"Why are you calling me?" Joan asked, this question more important.

"I'm calling because you're very interesting to me," Moriarty said after a thoughtful pause.

There were many ways that could be interpreted, but only one way that made Joan question everything she thought she knew about herself.

"I should hang up," Joan said.

Moriarty laughed. "You aren't going to hang up though."

No, Joan wasn't going to. Moriarty was an interesting person. Joan couldn't pass the opportunity to talk to her even if it was the wrong action to take.
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