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Title: The Voice on the Radio
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Characters/Pairings: Cecil/Carlos
Rating: G
Words: 498
Warnings: None
Summary: How Carlos fell in love with the voice on the radio.

Any, any, falling in love with the voice on the radio

The first time Carlos hears the voice on the radio, he was driving to Night Vale in a van full of eager scientists. He thinks it is quirky radio show with an eccentric host, but not much more than that. He tries to change the station, but it was the only one to come in at all; peaking his scientific curiosity. The show gets increasingly weird, but he thinks it was all apart of the fun.

The second time Carlos hears the voice on the radio, it was talking about him. He blushes in embarrassment as the voice says everything about him was perfect, and had fallen in love with him instantly. He thinks it is some kind of joke, but why someone would joke about being in love with him didn't make sense. He doesn't know what to think about the voice on the radio whose name was Cecil.

He gets into contact with Cecil by going to visit the radio station. The town of Night Vale was the most scientifically interesting city in America: a place where weird things happen every day. The radio show wasn't fictional entertainment, but a bizarre truth. The man behind the voice is a nondescript person of average height and weight. He has pale eyes, but it was the only physical trait of his that stood out. Cecil's voice more than made up for his lack of unique physical traits. Cecil watches him starry-eyed, as if Carlos was sent by heaven itself, making Carlos come to the conclusion that Cecil hadn't been joking when claiming to have fallen in love with him. It was flattering, and made his stomach flip.

A year passes by, and Carlos has found himself invested in Night Vale more than he thought he would be. Cecil talks about him on the radio often, always in glowing terms. Carlos thinks Cecil exaggerates, but it was nice to have someone have feelings for you. He doesn't think much about his own feelings about Cecil until he almost dies beneath the bowling alley. His life was saved thanks to that racist fellow in the fake Native American headdress. His wounds were being patched up when he hears the pain in Cecil's voice on the radio when he thinks Carlos has died. It hurts his heart to hear Cecil break down like that. He knew Cecil was in love with him, but his reaction to his possible death makes Carlos realize how much he has started to feel for Cecil. The man cares about him so deeply that Carlos can't help returning those feelings.

He meets Cecil at the Arby's with the glowing lights later that night. Cecil is so happy to see him, and Carlos is happy to see Cecil. They watch the stars together that night, sitting side-by-side. Their hands touch, and Cecil's hand is so warm in his. Carlos has fallen in love with the voice on the radio, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


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